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Do you want to know how much is your gold worth ?
With 46 branches worldwide and 22 in Portugal, Gold Service is never far from you. We invite you to come and evaluate your precious metals free of charge.  We will make you a proposition for your gold.
Sell ​​your gold conveniently, quickly and safely.

In our agencies you can sell all your precious metals, in gold, silver or platinum (used or damaged jewelry, ingots, coins, cutlery, dental waste, industrial waste, etc.). Our consultants will make a free evaluation of your precious metals ​​and make you an offer based on the London stock market price. You will be paid immediately and in accordance with the legislation in force. Payment will be made in Euros directly at our branches. For your safety, we act in full compliance with the law, following all required protocols. We work with certified scales and follow strict ecological and professional ethics.

The testing process is completely reliable and carried out by professionals in the sector with certified training in the field. Our offer is based on the market value, which is frequently checked to ensure transparent transactions at a fair price.
Join more than 600,000 customers who trust us when it is time to capitalize on their investment.

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In accordance with the law


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With agencies throughout national territory we evaluate your gold, silver and platinum pieces for free and without obligation. We make you an offer on the spot and pay in cash.

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We work with internationally recognized professionals in the market of buying and selling precious metals. We have full confidence in our partners, whether in metal foundries, distribution or jewelry, we know that we work with the best to offer you an excellent service. Trust our expertise, we are in the precious metal market since 1985.


With 125 years of experience in the precious metals market, Gold Service offers you the a service of excelence so you can invest at the right time. Our brand is internationally recognized offering a chain of agencies close to you. Trust, transparency and professionalism is what we are made of.

10 years walking beside you. 

With 125 years of experience we have a team that works 7 days a week, 365 days a year to guarantee the excellent service that our customers demand and deserve.